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Sansi Hotels

Experience a blissful staying experience at Sansi Group of Hotels


Sansi is a successful local company with a strong track record in developing hospitality concepts. The five shareholders have a serious experience in Hospitality management, developing projects in Zanzibar and Tour Operator creation. Developing properties in line with the territory of Zanzibar is fundamental for them and this is how Sansi became one of the biggest hospitality management company in Zanzibar.


We work hard with Sansi Group to provide the following services at a high end level.

Sales & Marketing

Sansi and Africa Spirit have a wild network with agencies from everywhere. We are connected to the biggest Tour Operators from Europe, such as Thalasso, TUI, FTI. 


Behind the success of Sansi is more than 200 employees and a full team of experience managers who operated in different countries around the world. 


Building hotels from scratch or renovating them, we are passionate and always searching for new projects in Zanzibar.




Sansi Kae Beach Resort

Deluxe Sea View.jpg

Sansi Kendwa Beach Resort

Deluxe Garden Room.jpg

Pearl Beach by Sansi


Filao Beach by Sansi


The Manor House by Sansi

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