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Kenya is located in East Africa and is a leading travel destination in the world, due to its scenery, magnificent wildlife and pleasant year round climate.

What you will find

Kenya has many tourist attractions ranging from the sandy beaches at the coast, diverse flora and fauna, game parks, cultural heritage, scenic landscapes just to name but a few. The Nairobi National Park is within the boundaries of the City of Nairobi. Also close by is the popular Giraffe Centre where visitors can watch and even feed the giraffes. Other attractions include the National museum, Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru, Hells gate, Tsavo East and West National park to mention but a few. The country’s notable tourist attraction is the annual Wildebeest Migration at the Maasai Mara. Every year, millions of wildebeest and zebra migrate across the Tanzanian border into southern Kenya on the annual Great Migration – one of nature's most spectacular events. It is a sight to behold and has been dubbed the 7th Wonder of the World. On the coast, historic Swahili settlements and white-sand beaches await.

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What makes Kenya Special?

Kenya’s magic is embedded everywhere you look, from wandering majestic elephants to its breathtaking Mountains, Forests and secluded waterfalls. The land is diverse, offering desert patches alongside snow-capped mountains, valleys and volcanoes, with beautiful beaches whose dark blue waters are home to colourful coral reefs. Riding the equator along the eastern coast of Africa, the country is famous for its safaris, offering unparalleled opportunities to see nature’s wildest creatures in their beautiful natural habitats. Travels with guides to game reserves and national parks put you within metres of some of the world’s most fascinating animals. Out in the open fields, you’ll see impressive creatures in their natural habitats. The “Big Five” - lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalo - can all be spotted at various National Parks and Reserves in Kenya

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Nature and Wildlife

Kenya's landscapes are rich in diversity. Almost every known landform exists within this world in miniature, from a glacier-streaked mountain to arid deserts, dry savannah, lush lakes, and dense forests. The Great Rift Valley, its floor littered with lakes and extinct volcanoes, cuts through Kenya from north to south. On the Equator, majestic Mount Kenya (5199m/17058ft) with its snow-capped peaks rises above endless grassland plains. To the north is the rugged and remote Northern Frontier District including Lake Turkana, "The Jade Sea" and its blue-green waters are in stark contrast to the arid surroundings. To the west is Lake Victoria, the largest of Africa's lakes and the legendary source of the Nile. The famous Maasai Mara Reserve to the South West is the Northern extension of the Serengeti. To the South, the Indian Ocean coast offers sandy white beaches, and turquoise seas protected by a fascinating coral reef. These and the historical cities of Gedi and Lamu, all combine to make this one of the world's great holiday destinations. Kenya also boasts of a shimmering coastline along the Indian Ocean which makes it a home to incredibly stunning beaches.

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The Glorious Coast

Kenya is lined with white sandy beaches - fringed with palms, casuarinas, bright bougainvillea, mangrove swamps, and magical creeks, all washed by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The air is scented with the sweetness of frangipani and refreshed by gentle monsoon breezes. Gazing calmly out across magical coral reefs to the open sea, this is one of the most idyllic resort areas in the world. Most come to enjoy the simple pleasures of this sun, sand, and water wonderland. For those inclined to snorkel or scuba dive, Kenya's reefs, coral gardens, and lagoons rival the world's most beautiful.

For much of its length, from Malindi in the north to Vanga in the south, the shore is protected by the fascinating coral reef. Inside this protected environment in sheltered lagoons grow magical marine plants and other creatures and contains over 250 brilliantly coloured species of fish. National marine parks off Watamu, Malindi, Mombasa, and Shimoni protect these reefs and the waters they embrace.

Mombasa is the old and colourful gateway to Kenya and is a vibrant mixture of the ancient and modern, with an interesting blend of African, Arab, and Asian cultures. This beautiful port, evocative of the east, is actually an island. Fringing the dhow harbour is the old town, a maze of narrow streets, quaint shuttered houses, and open-fronted shops. The ancient Portuguese 'Fort Jesus' still stands sentinel - now a fine museum of antiques. The experience of Mombasa somehow isn't quite complete without a trip aboard the exclusive Tamarind Dhow.

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Climate and weather (when to go)

Kenya is located on the equator and as such, doesn't have spring, summer, fall and winter. Instead, temperatures are generally consistent all year around (although the climate and humidity vary greatly depending on elevation and proximity to the coast). As a rule, the coastal regions are hotter and wetter, while the interior is cooler and drier.

For safari-goers, the long dry season (June to early October) offers the best wildlife sightings. August is generally the month to travel if you want to watch the herds of the Great Migration cross the Mara River. The dry seasons are also best for visits to the coast or hikes up Mount Kenya, while the short rains (late October to November) are great for birding as they bring exciting migrant species from Europe and Asia.

What to pack

We recommend you pack as lightly as possible so you can carry and lift your own luggage and walk with it for short distances. Most travellers find a backpack is more practical than a suitcase, but an overnight bag with a shoulder strap will do if you travel lightly. Backpacks with wheels are convenient, although we recommend your bag has carry straps. You'll also need a day bag to carry water, a camera, snacks and other essentials for day trips.

Medical requirements

This information is not intended to replace the advice of a travel medicine professional. Not all of the vaccines listed here will be necessary for every individual.

In addition to making sure that your routine vaccinations (including measles) are up-to-date, the CDC recommends that visitors to Kenya consider immunizations for hepatitis A and typhoid. Other vaccinations may also be required: these include cholera, hepatitis B, rabies, polio, meningitis and yellow fever. If you are traveling to Kenya from a country with yellow fever, you will need to provide proof of vaccination at immigration. Malaria is a risk in all areas of Kenya under 8,200 feet/2,500 meters. Talk to your doctor about options for prophylaxis, remembering that malaria parasites in Kenya have developed a resistance to chloroquine.

COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for travel to all regions, both foreign and domestic.

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