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Zanzibar, the spice island

Zanzibar is more than a beach holiday destination. It has a diverse natural beauty and rich historical and cultural heritage to explore. 

We offer a wide range of excursions specifically designed to meet everyone's needs, suit client’s interest, budget and time limit. They range from half day to full day trips: Sightseeing, romantic Sunset Dhow Cruise, snorkeling tours, overnight safaris etc.

(Note that it is possible to combine different excursions.)

Stone Town Tour (+ Sunset Cruise)

Stone town is one of the few intact historical Swahili trading towns of east Africa. It was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2000. The tour takes you to the fabled stone town, where history appears to stand still. The fascinating architectural design of stone town buildings with ornately carved and studded wooden doors shaded by balconies and verandas that line the narrow winding streets is an evidence of rich cultural heritage where Arab, Persian, Indian and European influence blended with African tradition. The tour includes a visit to the bustling town market, the former slave market, the house of wonders, the sultan palace, the Arab fort etc. There is also time for shopping; Stone town has a variety of excellent gift shops with plenty of souvenirs and handcrafts.

Spice Tour

The history of Zanzibar would be incomplete without mentioning of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, and many other spices introduced by the sultan of Oman during the infamous slave trade. Take a guided tour to the Spice farms just outside Zanzibar town.  Learn the many uses of variety of Spices on cooking, cosmetic and on natural medicine. It is the ideal place to buy Spices and its products at a cheaper price.

Prison Island

Prison Island lies about 20 to 30 minutes of boat ride off the stone town. Historically, it was used by Arab slave merchants to detain rebellious slaves. In 1890 the British built a prison, though the building was never used for its purpose, it became later a quarantine station. The island is fringed with beautiful coral reef and lovely white sandy beach. It is also a home to the giant land tortoises, birds and other wildlife if you venture in the interior

Jozani Forest

The Jozani forest reserve is located in the Central East region of Zanzibar. It is the home to the endangered red Columbus monkey. Since the government, the forest as a natural reserve, the population of the primates has increased. It is also home to other wild animals like small buck, wild pigs and the elusive Zanzibar leopard, which has not been for several years. Jozani has an excellent nature trail with well-trained tour guides.

Butterfly Center

Enjoy watching live display of local butterflies while also supporting local community projects. Zanzibar Butterfly Centre, Butterfly Centre Zanzibar is located at Pete Village next to the Jozani Friendly Monkeys Forest. Zanzibar Butterfly Centre is an interactive butterfly exhibit near to Jozani-Chawka Bay National Park on Unguja island, though outside the park boundaries. The exhibit consists of a netted tropical garden with usually hundreds of butterflies, all of which are native species to Zanzibar. The enclosure is one of Africa's largest butterfly exhibits and provides residents and tourists of Zanzibar with an interactive and visual environment to learn about butterflies.

Dolphin tour

Situated in the southern point of Zanzibar island, Kizimkazi is home to several schools of bottle nosed humpback dolphins. It is the most popular spotting location in Zanzibar just after a short boat trip from the village. The shallow waters around Kizimkazi and reliable food supply makes it dolphin favorite hunting ground. It is also a place to nurse their calves, rest and socialize. The best time for dolphin spotting is in the morning before it gets hot, dolphin dive deep the ocean to escape heat when the water temperature rises high.

Safari Blue

This is a Sea Safari in the Menai Bay conservation. Menai is an area with an outstanding beauty. The magnificent coral gardens, isolated sand banks and the uninhabited islands form a beautify scenery.

Embark on a Dhow, a traditional sailing boat equipped with an out-board engine to the adventure filled day! Snorkeling, swimming at the blue lagoon, beach walk, sunbathing at the famous disappearing Island and a lot more fun!

Barbeque lunch at the desert Island restaurant “Robinson Crusoe style", grilled lobster, fish, prawns etc. Enjoy a selection of tropical fruits and coffee with traditional Zanzibar delicatessen

Karafuu Paradise

Depart from Karafuu Beach Resort and Spa (link a pagina Karafuu) at 10am and embark on an ngalawa to navigate around the peninsula and be dropped off on the beach in Kae in Chwaka Bay. Here they are served a luscious lobster barbeque on a white sandy beach with no corals or sea urchins. The return is made by minibus at a time of the guest’s choosing. They may stay a few hours until sunset and visit the mangrove forest and the local village.


Nakupenda (In swahili means I LOVE YOU) is the name of an amazing sandbank located just off Stone town. A Full day trip dedicates Prison Island’s giants tortoises visit, snorkeling, sunbathing, taste of Sea foods and seasonal fruits. Snorkeling off Prison island, viewing stunning array of colored corals and tropical fish of the islands before reaching our dream place Nakupenda.

Nungwi Tour

Visit the beaches and villages on the northern edge of Zanzibar on a half-day tour to Kendwa Beach and Nungwi, where you’ll have free time to explore and play. Book an adventure sport such as parasailing, flyboarding, water skiing, and wakeboarding, or opt for a kid-friendly outing on a ringo or banana boat.

Mnemba Island Snorkeling Tour

The most famous marine conservation area, located in the Northeast of Zanzibar. A short boat ride from Matemwe villages takes you to Mnemba Atoll Marine Park with an extraordinary coral reef, which houses populations of moray eels, lionfish, stingrays, and more. The turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean welcome you to explore the fascinating marine wildlife

Sport, Wellness, Adventures

We also offer special packages, such as Sport & Wellness excursions or particular adventures on the Island. Reach us to have more information about that!

Additional information

Lunch and drinks are not included in the tours except in: Safari Blue, Karafuu Paradise, Mnemba Snorkeling tour with Dhow and Nakupenda.

Any complimentary should be approved by the office one day before the tour. 

Italian / French / English speaking guide is available Free of Charge.

German / Spanish Speaking guide is available with supplement.

Please note that all excursions booked with Africa Spirit are subjected to the local law and jurisdiction. 

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